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LED Panel Light

LED Lighting panel case in Spain

With the awareness of save-energy and global warming  issue,  Most of people, especially European, prefer to promote and buy LED lighting products such as LED bulb, LED tubes, LED panels, and so on

In EU countries, Lumin Lighting has many successful cases in buying and applying our LED panel lights. One of our customers in Spain make good use of LED panels to his properties. He has three villas and owns a five- star hotel in Spain. His company purchase many LED panels to decorate his rooms and hotel. He tells us that his hotel has to pay high electricity bill every year. He wants to change it with energy saving LED lights such as LED panels.   

This picture is a glimpse of bathroom in the hotel. In the ceiling of the bathroom, a piece of 300x300mm LED panel is embedded. The light distribution of the panel is very even, without dark spots and glare issue

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