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LED Panel Light

LED panel case in Finland

LED panel case in Finland

Fazer is a well-known foodservice company in the Europe. It has a history of 140 years in Finland. Now people can enjoy comfortable services provided by Fazer in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United Kindom, and Russia.

Project Hightlights

In order to respond to reducing carbon dioxide emission and slowing global warming influence, Fazer makes a decision to use energy efficient LED lighting solutions for its headquarters at first. The store is lit 90% percent with LED lights. Compared to the traditional lighting solution, the store consumes 80% percent less electricity for lighting cost.

The store removes most traditional lights such as CFL tube and halogen lamps in the ceiling, replacing it with high energy saving LED panels, LED downlights, LED spotlights, and other LED lights. Lumin take a part in the project as a LED light supplier.

The feature of the LED lighting solutions bring a nice feeling of comfortability when people come and sit in the café or restaurant, because the quality light from LED lights can make atmosphere conformable and relaxing.

Features of 48W 600x600mm LED panel
1.    9mm thickness: not heavy and clumsy
2.    Light distribution is even: no darkness
3.    Replacement of 600x600mm CFL tube fixture
4.    3 ways to install: suspended, mounted, embedded
5.    Saving labor cost: female-male connector

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