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LED Panel Light

Lumin Lighting LED panel case in China

There are thousands of factories in China. Most of office in the factories is decorated with aluminum or iron ceiling systems. Everyday people will work in the factory over 10 hours every day. So electricity bill is a headache for some bosses. Although lighting cost in the overnight time is a part of the electricity bill, smart bosses now would like to save that cost as much as possible.

CFL tube fixture is widely used in China office before. People find that CFL tube fixtures are not only consume lots of electricity but also broken very fast after few months. So that will increase operative cost in a factory actually. With development of LED lighting industry, people believe that LED lighting fixture is much more energy saving than others because the awareness of energy crisis is greatly aroused now.

LED panel lights are innovation of LED lighting fixture. It’s a perfect solution to replacement of CFL tube fixture in the ceiling system. In China, LED panels are used in the office now, instead of CFL tube fixtures. A lot of people think that this will make their business sustainable possibly in future.

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