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LED Panel Light

How Many Dimming Control Mode Way For LED Lighting

Aug 9, 2018

LED can be divided into analog LED dimming, PWM dimming and digital LED dimming according to different dimming control methods. Using some existing bus control techniques and existing communication technologies, such as ZLL, Zigbee, WiFi and Blututhe, LED control can easily achieve LED dimming control.  Some large lighting manufacturers in the world have also introduced LED wireless dimming control products, which are easy to use and have obvious energy saving effect.

LED lighting dimming control signal according to the way of connection can be divided into the following 2.

(1) dimming control signal and two wire or three wire type (such as LED phased dimming) dimming used in AC power supply line.
(2) dimming control signal and AC power supply line to separate dimming (such as 0-10V, DALI, DMX512, KNX, etc.).

The following factors will affect the LED dimming control characteristics.

(1) the working characteristics of the LED drive control circuit;
(2) dimming control (such as phased LED dimming, linear dimming or PWM dimming).
(3) the number of light sources connected to the lighting circuit is related to the type of light source.

In the dimming control process, the following problems may be encountered:

(1) audio noise;
(2) LED instantaneous luminescence;
(3) LED luminescence reactivation;
(4) early failure of the dimmer;
(5) insensitive control interval of dimming;
(6) LED glitter and ghosts;
(7) the performance of dimming can not meet the requirements.
(8) the range of dimming control can not meet the requirements.
(9) unpredictable dimming control characteristic curves and so on.