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LED Panel Light

How Many EU Regulations for LED Lighting Entering EU Market

Jul 6, 2018

According to the decree of EU Commission, any sales lamps should be attached with CE certificated label. However to lable with CE, there are several EU regulations need to be underlined.

The first is electricity safty test regulation, which is called LVD(Low Voltage Directive). Different LED light will have different test standards.

1.For lamps, like the fixed ceiling lamp, they should accord with IEC/EN 60598 series standard.
2.For the accessories of lamps, like the LED control devices, they should match IEC/EN 61347 series standard.
3.For LED sources, IEC/EN 62560 is for LED energy-saving lamp; IEC/EN 62031 is for LED module; IEC/EN 62776 is for LED tube. 
4.For lamp sockets, IEC/EN 60238 is for screw lamp sockets; IEC/EN 61184 is for bayonet socket; IEC/EN 60400 is for fluorescent tube lamp sockets; IEC/EN 60838 is for other lamp sockets.
5.For the biological safety, IEC/EN 62471 and IEC/TR are for the safety evaluation of lamp or the photobiology of light system.
6.For EMF(electromotive force) test, IEC/EN 62493 is for the electromagnetic field assessment that lighting devices acts on human body.

Just take LED street lamp with LED control devices as the example. It`s electricity safety test should meet these standards: EN 60598-2-3, EN 60598-1, EN 62471, IEC/TR 62778, EN 62493, EN 62031 and EN 61347-2-13.

The second is electromagnetic compatibility test regulation. According to the order of 2014/30/EU, there are two keys of electromagnetic compatibility test: EMI(electromagnetic interference) and EMS(electromagnetic susceptibility). For EMI, its mainly performance is the transmission interference and radiation interference; for EMS, its mainly test is for the lamp product tolerance towards the electrostatic discharge, radiation, pulse group, surging, transmission interference, the total of which is called the capacity of resisting disturbance.  And its mainly tests contains: EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2 driver harmonic requirement and EN61000-3-3 driver flicker requirement.

The third is the ERP(Energy-ralated Products) rule regulation, which contains 3 requirements. 

1.For the energy consumption requirements, the testing parts of which contains the biggest EEI(energy efficiency index), idle-run power, standby power and load power, 
2.For the function test requirement, it contains the LEDs` survival rate and the lumen loss rate under the 6000h lighting test,  the cycle frequency of on-off before the lamps being no longer in force, start-up time, the costing time that lumen is from 0% to 95%, the premature failure rate, CRI(color render index), SDCM(standard deviation of coloe matching), PF(power factor).
3.For the product information label and the energy label requirement, like the lumen identification, lifetime identification, color temperature identification, etc.