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How Many Smart Control Way for Smart Home Scene

Aug 10, 2018

Now China's smart home technology is no longer a big difficulty, the most important is how to break through the application scenarios, the application of life scenarios and increased technology together. The perfect combination of scene and technology is inseparable from the following subsystems.

1, smart home wiring system
Smart home wiring system is a transmission channel that can support voice, data, multimedia, home automation, security and other applications. It is the foundation of smart home system. It can be used as a part of a comprehensive cabling system in a perfect intelligent community, and can also be completely independent into a comprehensive cabling system.

2. Home networking system
Home network is a new technology that connects PC, household appliances, security system, lighting system and WAN in the family.

3, smart home control management system
Intelligent management and control refers to the residential platform, the home will be connected to a variety of devices together, providing household appliances control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm, and programmable timing control and other functions and means to help families and the outside to maintain smooth information exchange.

4, smart home security monitoring system
Home security system includes door magnetic switch, emergency help, smoke detection alarm, gas leakage alarm, broken glass detection alarm, infrared microwave detection alarm, etc. Security system can detect and inform the host of strangers'intrusion, gas leakage, fire, etc.

5, smart home lighting control system
Remote control and other intelligent control methods are used to realize the remote control switch and dimming of the house lighting. According to the change of environment and user's requirement, the lighting layout can be changed and the function can be expanded by only modifying the software settings.

6, smart home electrical control system
In order to control the temperature, humidity and brightness of the house, intelligent control methods such as remote control, timing and so on can be used to control the water dispenser, socket, air conditioning, floor heating, projector, fresh air system and so on.

7, intelligent home curtain control system
Intelligent electric curtain can realize more advanced curtain control functions, such as timing switch, scene control and so on. It really makes the curtain become a bright "scenic line" of modern home.

8, smart home background music system
Family background music is a systematic combination so that each room can hear wonderful background music, music system can beautify the space, but also play a very good decorative role.

9, smart home video sharing system
Video sharing system is to install digital TV set-top boxes, DVD players, video recorders, satellite receivers and other video equipment in a concealed place. The system can make the living room, dining room, bedroom and other rooms of the TV sharing home video library.

10, smart home, home theater and multimedia system.
Intelligent home cinema refers to the addition of intelligent home control function to the traditional home cinema, which intelligently controls all the audio-visual equipment and cinema environment equipment in the home audio-visual room, and realizes the rapid entry and free switching of cinema, music, games and other scene control modes with only one key of control.