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LED Panel Light

How to Choose A Good LED Lighting to Protect Your Eyes

Aug 7, 2018

The selection of lighting is very direct to the effect of eye health. Before we discuss how to realize different lighting for different functions, we must first understand the relevant knowledge of the important parameters of the lamps and lanterns, so as to buy the "eye protection" product which is satisfactory in the selection.

1. Color temperature directly affects the "color" of the light seen by the naked eye. The work area often needs high color temperature light, in order to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the work, while in the bedroom and other rest areas, it is not appropriate to use high color temperature lighting, in order to prevent the development of adult spirit not relax, excessive tension.

2. Color quality is another important indicator, poor color quality will reduce visual acuity and the accuracy of the illuminated objects. Usually, the color index is above 80, and the special requirements can also be improved, with the bull's eye LED reading lamp as an example, and the color index is above 95, which can meet the requirements of daily reading and even painting. Experts emphasize that low color light can affect people's mood and appetite to a great extent, looking at things that are not realistic, things deviate from the original color, and it is also easier to cause visual fatigue. By using the lamp with excellent color developing ability, the distinction between space and color can be enhanced.

3. Anti-blue light and anti flash technology can protect the eyes from unreasonable lighting. To prevent blue light as an example, according to national standards, the risk of blue light on the retina is divided into 4 levels: no danger level, 1 types of dangerous level (low risk grade), 2 category of dangerous level, and 3 class of dangerous grade (high risk grade). High hazard lights can cause irreversible damage to the eyes in a matter of seconds. In the purchase of lamps and lanterns, we should pay attention to the safety mark on the product package, and if there is CQC certification approval, it reflects the technical specification of the blue light hazard level of the table lamp that conforms to the non dangerous category (RG0).

4. Light uniformity in the lighting of non local light source, we should pay attention to the design of the product to prevent the concentration of light, such as the 100 degree light light design of the bull's eye LED tube, the diffusion plate and so on, the light light is uniform without dark area, and it can also play a very good anti glare effect. At the same time, it is suggested that the lighting products with abrasive cover should be selected as far as possible to prevent eye discomfort caused by the near distance light source.