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LED Panel Light

LED Light Trends Gradually Spread Among USA

Jul 4, 2018

Recently, In Wichita Fowles, the city of Texas,  5700 bulbs which contains high pressure sodium lamp, metal halides and mercury lamps will be in replace with LED lights. To achieve this, the local government has decided to make cooperation with the well-known renewable company”Ameresco” .

The program is enormous, therefore, the local government decided to start this with the street light.   Now, there have been about 2490 sets of  LED street lights,  but it is not enough.  The local government aims to replace all street lights with LED solution, which will cost 2880 thousand dollars.   As the principal,  Ameresco will adopt the LED bulb whose lifetime could reach up to 20years.   If this succeed, it will save 2850 thousand kilowatt hours electricity for Wichita Fowles annually.

As the most senior and the biggest national cross-city service organization, NLC has led this LED light trend to Pennsylvania, which includes 35 towns.  Beginning with 1.3 million dollars program, by applying LED light for the local public lighting, every participated town will save 1400 thousand dollars in the area of energy budgets.

To join this trend, Lansdale, the city of Pennsylvania, has decided to install 2600 sets of LED lighting devices, but it will only costs about one million dollars for this program, it  will save their energy budget greatly!