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The End Times for the Two Historical Lights

Jul 2, 2018

Recently, EU draft regulation proposed that the halogen tungsten lamp and compact fluorescent lamp(CFL), will be banned before the year of 2020, which means the end times of this two lights will come soon.


“Ecodesign Requirements” requires that lumen efficacy must be over 85LM/W and the standby power must be beyond 0.5W will be in effect soon.


As the efficacy of a standard halogen tungsten lamp is only around 25LM/W and a CFL with a ballast can only reach up to 60LM/W,  this two high-technology have to come into the end.


Ecodesign is generally recognized as “Bulb Ban” , which will be gradually phasing out the low-efficacy light source.  Recently,  EU laws has banned filament lamp by degrees and they will step by step phase out the non-directional halogen bulb in this September,  which includes the candle, GLS (A50\A60 filament), ball-shape and golf-shape.


It`s highly symbolic that to remove the CFL from the market, as CFL is the representative of the green lighting in 1990s. However, although CFL are constantly penetrating the commercial lighting, but the householders never note this and many complained that the color temperature is very low and the start time is too long.  The existence of mercury is considered as the Achilles` heels, as mercury is very not environmental-friendly.


In the meantime,  the draft of the new law also proposed to back to the lighting device that replaceable lamp that used ever before.  According to the present wording, lamp device manufacturer should let the light source detachable and replaceable from the lamps.  In the rule range,  the light source and the separated control device should be removed by the end user without any ever-lasting mechanical damage.

If the advice could be approved, the lamp manufacturing process art will be influenced greatly.

Therefore,  it`s time to choose LED lights to replace halogen tungsten lamp and CFL.   As the new technology of light source,  LEDs will perfectly meet the EU standards with high efficacy to save energy and environmental green lighting performance.


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